Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"The Story of Stuff"

What do they mean by "The Story of Stuff" and what connection does it have to the Massage course I am taking? Maybe it is the connection to "Toxic in - Toxic out"? People are exposed to toxic gases emitted into the atmosphere causing anxiety and stress and many other health problems. Could this be when Massage comes into the story? We can relieve stress and anxiety with our healing hands and release the Toxins. Could this be the answer? I wish it was that simple.

Annie Leonard is not always factual. She exaggerates and uses emotive scare tactic to draw your attention to her point of view. She infers all Industries have "Toxic in -Toxic out". Generally Annie does make some good points. These are factual: Brominated Flame Resistant clothing is toxic. It is appalling to think that our brains are being fried while we sleep on our pillows because of the toxic ingredients. What is more appalling is the effect Industries have on our environment and humanity.

I can give you one example in New Zealand. The proposed Aluminium Smelter in Aromoana was opposed by the people of Dunedin. They built the Aluminium Smelter in Invercargill, who now have a problem with TOXIC WASTE. Can you the environmental impact on our City Harbour, not to mention the poor people of Invercargill.

Thank you Annie and crew for your clever presentation. It made me look at how we can improve our environment. I agree that we do have problems with this disposable society. Short term cheap products being made, you have to toss out more frequently. The volume of garbage is phenomenal. What is wrong with making products that last? In the good old days they did last and you repaired them when necessary. We are trying in our own way to improve our environment. It is nice to see hospitals, they use digital pictures with NO CHEMICALS.

Invercargill citizens and people nation wide - Speak up -Our planet is worth saving. The government should look after us. In life there are always undesirable things. Look after our generations to come. Perhaps everyone can appreciate and be thankful for each beautiful day that follows.

"The story of Stuff"

The Story of Stuff